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If we all did the things we are really capable of doing,
we would literally astound ourselves.

–Thomas Edison

Isochronic AG

Isochronic is reinventing pick & place applications by developing the next generation of industrial robots capable of handling multiple parts simultaneously. Our young Swiss industrial company multiplies the performance of pick & place operations in automated production lines using our novel technological approach. Many high-volume industrial processes such as in the packaging, recycling, filling- and sealing as well as electronics- and precision assembly industries stand to benefit from customized isochronic robot variants which our company plans to build. We are currently developing first industrial implementations of the new robot type which poses many interesting technical challenges ranging from mechanical-, electrical- and software engineering to computer vision as well as robot path planning algorithm development.

Founding Team

Dr. Melvin Haas (Founder & CEO)

Dr. Melvin Haas is an experienced entrepreneur who founded and built several businesses. Earlier in his career, he worked for several Swiss high-technology robotics hardware companies, setting up their networks of system integrators & distributors in Europe, North America, and Asia. Based on the insights gained from working with many of the world’s leading robotics users and system builders, Melvin filed multiple patents which form the basis of Isochronic’s IP portfolio. Melvin holds a mechanical/industrial engineering degree from RWTH Aachen as well as a Ph.D. from EPFL.

Dr. Albrecht Lindner (Cofounder & CTO)

Dr. Albrecht Lindner is a Technology and R&D Manager with a long experience solving complex software-, hardware- & systems integration challenges. He previously worked for several years  as a research and development engineer at Qualcomm (USA). Isochronic perfectly fits his passion for technology, robotics and complex software engineering. Albrecht holds a MSc degrees from the University of Stuttgart and ENS Telecom Paris in Signal and Image processing as well as Electrical and Communications Engineering as well as a PhD from EPFL.

Pierre-Alain Buchs (Cofounder & Chief Engineer)

Pierre-Alain Buchs is a highly experienced mechanical engineer, working for more than 25 years in the the robotics- and packaging machinery industry. He has been involved in the design, development, assembly, integration and bringup of hundreds of industrial robot installations over the years, thus gaining a uniquely deep understanding of how to build complex hardware systems. Pierre-Alain holds a mechanical engineering degree from ETS Lausanne as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration from HES-SO.

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