Simultaneous Pick & Place Hardware + Software Modules

Modular, Standardized Products

Product Overview

Build & integrate your own isochronic pick & place robot modules for small-part & heavy-duty applications.
Designed for experienced system integrators & OEMs, our standardized products offer seamless integration into existing solutions and system setups, enabling vastly enhanced throughput, even over longer transfer distances, require minimal footprint and energy consumption while boosting efficiency across various industrial applications.


Isochronic provides patented, standardized hardware components, including linear transfer beams and parallel-operating pick heads, engineered to endure high-performance use in diverse industrial environments. Exclusively manufactured for Isochronic from our experienced suppliers, the assembled modules enable handling various payloads, transfer lengths and grippers to meet specific industry needs. Designed for OEMs and system integrators, our standard products enhance productivity and efficiency both in heavy-duty and small-parts applications.


Isochronic’s high-performance, cloud-based software stack is piloted via a modern web-based human-machine interface compatible with any device. Our vertically integrated software architecture has been developed for the unique complexity of simultaneous pick & place robotics, perfectly coordinating precise motion control, trajectory generation & motion sequence optimization algorithms. The modular, in-house developed software architecture connects via MQTT as well as EtherCAT, seamlessly integrating with both modern- and legacy systems.

Small-Parts Products

Lightweight Part Handling

Part Payload <80g / Diameter < ⌀80mm

Isochronic’s small-parts products are based on our patented Distributed Pick Head System (DPS) technology, combining multiple excentric pick-heads sharing a joint linear motor rail with a sophisticated control and process simulation software. High throughputs, extended transfer lenghts as well as low energy consumption and minimal floorspace requirements are made possible by our unique distributed pick-head kinematic featuring a previously unseen actuator density. Different gripper options, payloads and arm lengths are possible to fit specific customer requirements. Ideal for system integrators and OEMs, Isochronic’s DPS enhances efficiency and flexibility, streamlining high-volume pick & place operations in various applications.

Small-Part Application Examples

Food Packaging

Coffee Capsules


Cosmetics &
Personal Care

Heavy-Duty Products

Large Objects & Discrete Part Manipulation

Object Payloads from 1kg up to to 1t

Constructed with proven, time-tested components from our experienced suppliers, our standardized heavy-duty pick & place products feature our innovative, patented double-rotary kinematic powered by our advanced robotics control software.
Different transfer lengths, payloads and gripper options can be selected to meet specific industry needs. Perfect for OEM and system integrators, Isochronic’s heavy-duty modules deliver unparalleled productivity, industrial reliability and highest efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Application Examples

Laser Automation &
Sheet-Metal Processing

Palletizing &
Material Handling

Intralogistics &
Parcel Sorting

Waste Sorting &

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